TERRIFYING CRANE PRANK ON JESSE!!! | Prank Academy | Episode 3

Published on April 6, 2016 by

In this episode, Jeana calls upon master pranksters, Jukka and Jarno, two of the guys from The Dudesons to help her pull off an extremely elaborate prank on Jesse! They teamed up on making Jesse believe that they were going to be pranking the other two Dudesons, HP and Jarpi, who were never even coming! Jesse thought they were creating an explosion that went wrong by sending him through a wall. He appears to be injured so that Jeana could put the blame on HP and Jarpi. But really, Jeana takes advantage of Jesse’s fear of heights so that she can get her ultimate revenge on Jesse! Pretty sure Jeana is winning the Prank War after this one! Team Jeana SAAAN!

YouTube Red Original Series

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