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Fore! Fails of the Week (August 2018) | FailArmy

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Are you tired of being broke? Submit your video and you could win $1,000: https://goo.gl/bd1GVz It’s time for the freshest fails of the week! We have a golfing mishap, a box jump gone wrong, and more! #FailArmy

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Man Faceplants Trying to Jump a Creek on Bike https://goo.gl/KhfZbp
Guy Smashes Basketball in Face While Attempting Trickshot https://goo.gl/ZaRVi6
Kid Slips Off Diving Board and Tumbles into Lake https://goo.gl/kJF5H2
Golfer Accidentally Hits Guy in Face with Club https://goo.gl/Lp2BXq
Motorcyclist Flips Over and Falls While Performing Wheelies https://goo.gl/kRTgJ9
Little Kids Arguing with Each Other Dramatically https://goo.gl/T3CVNL
Tandem High Divers Fail Stunt and Flop into Pool https://goo.gl/w1jz3b
Dog Makes Giant Mess and Poops on Floor https://goo.gl/CzHtcL
Crane Drops Metal Beam on Moving Car https://goo.gl/eauvrC
Guy Hits Groin on Pile of Weights While Attempting Box Jump https://goo.gl/W17A3P
Runaway Garbage Truck Jumps Wall and Crashes into Cars https://goo.gl/FK5jXQ
Cosplayer Flails Backward and Falls While Dancing at Party https://goo.gl/1PnySC
Woman Screams While Playing Virtual Reality Game https://goo.gl/ZMUwzu
Girl Falls off a Horse in a Pond https://goo.gl/Vbtc1o
Guy Fails Squat Jump Over Fence and Lands om Stomach https://goo.gl/7SPkZa
Laughing Boy Slips off Back of Swing https://goo.gl/z91eAS
Woman Kicks Lamp onto Head While Doing Yoga https://goo.gl/B9rcng
Woman Fails to Notice Friend Passing Out During Scary Ride https://goo.gl/RYifEV
Guy Slips and Drops Dirt Bike off Side of Utility Trailer https://goo.gl/wvN6U8
Tree Trimmer Sends Tree Crashing Down on Own Truck https://goo.gl/EKmV61
Woman Accidentally Rips off Eyebrow with Face Mask https://goo.gl/Fq9TZi
Guy Hits his Head on Ceiling Fan While Dancing https://goo.gl/qzQNSp
Dad Fails at Jumping off a Ramp on a Bike https://goo.gl/HC8uTo

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