In 2011, Seath Tyler Jackson, a 15 yr. old boy from Belleview was lured to a rural home in Summerfield, Florida by his former girlfriend 16 yr. old Amber Wright. Seath wasn’t aware 18 yr. old Michael Bargo and his friends were also there.
Seath and Bargo had an ongoing feud. They’d traded insults over Facebook, and Bargo often told friends how much he hated Seath.
When Seath entered the house, Bargo jumped him and began pounding him with a wooden object. Then he shot Seath multiple times, but Seath was still alive and tried to escape. So 20-year-old Justin Soto held him down while Bargo shot him again.
The attackers — which also included Charlie Kay Ely, 18, Kyle Hooper, 16 — placed him the bathtub, where they broke both of his knees. Then he was hogtied and wrapped in a sleeping bag before his body was chucked in a backyard fire pit.
All were convicted in Heath’s death. Charlie Ely, Justin Soto, Kyle Hooper and his step-sister Amber Wright received life sentences. Michael Bargo allegedly the ring leader was sentenced to death. However, his sentence was reversed as in 2016 a new law was passed ruling jurors had to reach a unanimous verdict for the death penalty. A re-sentencing hearing is set to begin soon.

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