President Donald Trump Gold Digger Exposing Prank! Hot Girl Exposed ?!

We have President Donald Trump help us expose a hot girl to see if she’s a gold digger. Think we will expose her? Find out and watch the prank till the end!

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Donald Trump helps us in this gold digger prank/ social experiment! So my friend wants to pull a gold digger prank on his girlfriend to see if she is a gold digger or not. She sets up a date with her, and me and my team set up and get ready for the prank! Will she get exposed as a gold digger? Will her boyfriend confront her? Or will she not be a gold digger! Watch the video and find out! I hope you enjoy the Epic Gold Digger Prank! Girl Version!

Gold Digger prank part 32

Gold Digger Prank Part 31

Gold Digger Prank Part 30

Gold Digger prank Part 29

Gold Digger Prank Part 28

Gold Digger Prank Part 27

Gold Digger Prank Part 26

Gold Digger Prank GONE WRONG! Part 25

BF Confronts/ Exposes GF as Gold Digger/ Cheater

BF Fails to Confront GF as Gold Digger?

Epic Gold Digger Prank Part 19

BF Exposes GF as Gold Digger:

Gold Digger Prank Part 17! Uber Driver Exposes Gold Digger

Epic Gold Digger Prank Part 18! Exposing Girlfriend!

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