I’m Dating A Gold Digger: Victor & Amy | UDY Pranks 2017

This is our new gold digger show: I’m Dating a Gold Digger. We have exposed many gold diggers before and now we seek to change up the entire gold digger prank videos with the best gold digger show!!

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Heres our recent gold digger we’ve exposed:

Heres our first Limousine gold digger prank:

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Heres the biggest gold digger we’ve exposed:

President Donald Trump exposes a gold digger:

Girl version gold digger prank:

Pregnant gold digger exposed:

One of our top 10 gold digger pranks:

Watch my friend Hoomantv exposing a sexy girl gold digger in a lamborghini:

Here’s a non gold digger getting a new lamborghini aventador:

Here is riskyrobtv using a limousine to expose a gold digger:

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We are a comedy channel that has done funny, humorous public pranks! We specialize in gold digger pranks! Our exposing gold digger series will make you lol. In this video, Avery is testing his girlfriend to see if she is a gold digger. Me and my team try to expose her. In the past, we’ve exposed many gold diggers, just like riskyrobtv and hoomantv do. Hooman TV uses a Lamborghini to expose a sexy and hot married gold digger. Risky rob uses a limousine to catch a money hungry gold digger. We don’t use supercars like a lamborghini, ferrari, bmw i8, or mclaren to catch these hot girls. We instead use our creativity. However, we really want to use a lamborghini, corvette, ferrari, or mclaren in one of our videos. Should we use a lamborghini to expose a gold digger? Should we keep exposing with a ferrari or mclaren? Let us know down below if you would like to see that! It will be hilarious! Hope you enjoy our new series: Im Dating a gold digger!

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