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Do we EXPOSE another gold digger? Is the gold digger a cheater and unfaithful girlfriend? Find out now! THE ENDING IS INSANE!

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Here are more gold diggers I’ve exposed in pranks:

Gold Digger EXPOSED

EXPOSING a Gold Digger:

Uber Driver Exposes Gold Digger

Epic Gold Digger Exposed Prank!

In this video we try to expose a girl as a gold digger. We pull a gold digger prank and try to expose her. Other youtuber’s like Hoomantv exposes sexy girls and hot girls as gold diggers using his Lamborghini, Ferrari or other supercar. We simply try by pulling a prank on her. Do you want to see us use supercars or a Lamborghini or Ferrari to keep on exposing gold diggers? Let us know! Lets keep on exposing these gold diggers in EPIC pranks!

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