Best VINES Compilation 2016 – Funny Epic Vines 2016 – Best Vines of 2016

We make you laugh with our new Funny Vine Compilation. Enjoy your day and the Best Vines of April 2016. Which vine was the best? Let us know your thoughts in the comments #FunnyTuesday
Best Vines of April 2016 | Funny Vine Compilation

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Original Videos:
Oh the Savagery:
Me as a parent.:
When you think you’re ready for something even though you didn’t prepare.:
But why though.:
Just tell him where to sign.:
I hate it when this happens :
When someone else wants a turn, but I’m not done.:
Tune into AFV on ABC at 7/6c for more amazing clips :
5 seasons of Bergeron AFV are going up on UpTV!:
When life gets you down but you’re just used to it.:
When your jam comes on.:
The face I make when I’m about to tell some secrets I promised not to.:
When duty calls, but you’re out of practice:
If God had one of those claw machines.:
Just when life seems to be going well…:
Who you gonna call?.. Not these people. Don’t call them.:
Me trying to be tough.:
And just like that college was over.:
Don’t worry about it.:
Middle school dances be like…:
When you get sick and you ain’t gonna be the only one.:
What it feels like to a kid.:
When my crush looks my way.:
Oh jeez it happened.:
When you get your first mustache hair and gotta tell the world.:
The feeling is mutual. Josh Darnit , JohnnaMazing , Evancredible:
When someone tries to wake me up in the morning.:
When it’s time it’s time.:
My reaction when my crush actually talks to me.:
Seeing my ex’s hanging out together.:
This and more tonight on abc 7/6 C:
Being overly confident like…:
When you know you’re about to get in trouble.:
When your crush is looking at your friend instead of you.:
Why is this baby cooler than I am?:
Trying to get that summer bod on lock.:
This is what disappointment looks like.:
The moment you just give up.:
Driving with the sun in your eyes.:
When I hear someone yell “food.”:
When in your head it works perfectly but then…:

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