Best KIDS FAILS of the Year Compilation 2016 (Part 1) || WinFailFun Best Fails of 2016

The best kids fails of 2016. Enjoy your day and our new kids fails compilation 2016. Which fail was the best? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
Best Kids Fails 2016 | Fail Compilation 2016

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Best Kids Fails 2016 | Fail Compilation 2016 – Orignial Videos:
2nd BMX stunt bike ramp jump fail
Alessandra Benito Susto
Baby face plant! 480p
Baby face-plant
Baby falling down
Baby falls off chair while watching barney
Baby’s Epic Face Plant! 480p
Back-Flip Fail_ Scooter
Cute Baby faceplant
EPIC SKATE FAIL!_!_! Mega Ramp Scooter Crash
Fail Father 1 Son 0
Funny Treadmill fail
Hoverboard fail
Kid Fail- Belly Flop
kid falls in almost frozen water
Kid gets knocked out from bike stunt fail
Kid gets knocked out on bike 1080p
Kid Rocket BMX FAIL at Daniel Dhers DDASC
Kid slams face on bike handlebars 1080p
Little Kid Rope Swing Fail
Mom burps and scares baby
Mother’s Day Gift Fail
My 4 yr old son bowling fail _GUTTER BALL_
Our Skating Fail!
Parkour Accidents_ School Knock out
Pushup fail
Robson Tietz Tombo do gauchinho Davi, Chuvisca RS
Rope swing fail
Trampoline Fail
Through The Glass Door
Travis Segway fail Davies Sep 11, 2015
Treadmill Fail
Tyler’s HoverBoard fail

Information about Best Kids Fails 2016 | Fail Compilation 2016:
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